Chinryu-An rent-a-car is convenient and reasonable!
The system is pay by distance. Our rental car is for the guest only.


Our rental car system is pay by distance: 86 yen/km (including gas fee and tax)(fm. 201/11/2016*).
You don't need pay any fee during your hiking time.
Our guests always rent our cars and sometimes share with our other guests when they go the same place or direction.

It's very convenient and economical!
If your travel schedule has been changed at the island because of the weather and some other reason, normally, other rental car companies will charge you. But you are not charged by Chinryu-An rental car if you decide not to hire the rental car. You can enjoy Yakushima very much with Chinryu-An Rent-a-car.

*=The fee may be changed without notice depending on the price of crude oil.

The image of Chinryu-An Rent-a-car!!!
すてきぃ〜! 枕流庵レンタカー!!!



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