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How to access to Kagoshima

How to access to Yakushima
How to access to Kagoshima
From Tokyo
Air : Tokyo (Haneda / Narita) - Kagoshima = 1h40m (JAL / ANA /SKY / SNA /Jetstar)
From Osaka
Air : Osaka (Itami /Kansai / Kobe) - Kagoshima = 01h10m (JAL / ANA / SKY / Jetstar)
Osaka (Itami) - Yakushima = 01h35m (JAC)
Shinkansen : Shin-osaka - Kagoshima-chuo = 04h 10m (JR)
Night bus : Osaka - Kagoshima = 11h16m
From Nagoya
Air : Nagoya(Chubu)-Kagoshima=01h20m (JAL / ANA)
From Fukuoka
Air : Fukuoka - Kagoshima = 00h40m - 00h50m (JAL / JAC)
Fukuoka - Yakushima = 01h10m (JAC)
Shinkansen : Hakata - Kagoshima-Chuo = 01h28m-01h39m
Highway bus : Fukuoka-Kagoshima=03h30m

How to access to Kagoshima Port
Kagoshima Airport
Kagoshima Airport --(Airport Connecting Bus=00h48m)--> Kinsei-Cho --(Walking=00h20m)--> Kagoshima Port Minami-futo (South Pier)


JR Kagoshima-chuo Stn.
Bus or Tram and Walking

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Flight Informations (English):

SkymarkAirlines SolaseedAir (SkynetAsiaAirways PeachAviation JetstarJapan



Train Timetable :




Highway (Night) Bus Informations :

Hatsha-orai-net(Japanese only)



Kagoshima Airport Connecting Bus :

Nangoku Kotsu Airport Shuttle Bus (Japanese only)

**Note : Some schedules subject to change without notice.

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