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Chinryu-An Rent-a-car!!!

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For the First Time Visitors

As Yakushima is a place with many things to see and do, we recommend that you give yourself ample time and visit as many places on your agenda as possible. Nearly all of our guests claim that even one week is not a sufficient amount of time to see all that Yakushima as to offer.

Because roundtrip excursions; circling the island by car or travelling inland all easily become a full day trip it is best to designate one place as your home base and stay there for the duration of your visit. This way your time can be used most effectively and not lost to the hassle of frequently checking in and checking out.

In order to enjoy Yakushima to its fullest it is best not to come with an itenary set in stone. You are better off to make your plans on a day before basis so that you can account for change in weather and your own physical limitations.


As for Yakusugi Land, Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine or any mountain or forest trek, participating in a tour or requesting a guide is not always necessary. Especially if you do it the Chinryu-An way and share the expenses of renting a car (we have 2 rental cars for our guests, these are convenient and economical rental cars [pay by distance / including gas fee].-->Chinryu-An rent-a-car!!!) with other guests you meet at the inn. This enables you to leave later than you would for a tour and still arrive to your destination with yet a longer allowance of time on site and more freedom to create you own travel plan. For the most part, guests at our inn take advantage of this friendly system. Economically it is comparatively lower in price than taking a tour or requesting a guide. The reason, it's better to bring your international driver's lisence.


That wraps up our advice for now regarding your inquiries. Now a brief word on what to bring with you to Yakushima. As Yakushima's focal point is mountain trekking please bring appropriate hiking shoes, a durable backpack and rain gear. Hiking in Yakushima without the above mentioned can be dangerous. Furthermore, we recommend for your hiking comfort, materials such as cotton or jersey instead of jeans, as these materials are more flexible, breathable and easy to move in.

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